It is such a joy to meet with collectors from all over the world at gallery shows. It has also been a delight and honor to create custom commissioned pieces for collectors. I feel a deep gratitude in knowing that each collector becomes connected to a space within themselves and to the larger world through The Beautiful Project through my art. It is always my hope that my work enriches homes and lives for many years to come. Enjoy our celebration photos here and join in the fun!



Finding Inspiration

This week we celebrate our collectors, the Watkins family, and their special “Tranquility” paintings. They shared with us that these special pieces have called the family to gather more in this space in their home and have inspired many forms of creativity and expression including their son suddenly playing the piano again after a long hiatus, to her lovely daughter deciding to perform her virtual dance (due to quarantine) recital with “Tranquility” as her backdrop as seen here.


Thank you to the Watkins family for reminding us that our innate beauty and magnificence may always shine forth even in the most challenging of times.

To see more pieces from our Tranquility Collection please visit us here:



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