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Only 45 of these rareToccare Prints were made worldwide which involved up to 40 layers of ink passes.


This Toccare print comes with a finished aluminum edge and comes unframed.


About The Toccare Print:

Changing the paradigm of fine art printmaking, Toccare’™ is a proprietary, printmaking medium that incorporates the hand crafted traditions of serigraphy and the technological enhancements of the digital UV printing. Toccare'™ provides an "original print" which involves the creative input of the artist regarding variable degrees of sculptural relief and luminosity.

Toccare’™ provides a new reflective light source that enhances visual impact. The result is an original print that combines texture, relief, luminosity, dimension, and depth.

True to the Italian meaning of the word, Toccare’™, or “to touch”, the artist’s touch makes the print unique by directing the sculpting of textural relief; handling of reflective opacity, color, and layering options for every stroke. All mark making is at the artist’s discretion. Artist’s involvement ensures that Toccare’™ prints are true and faithful to their vision resulting in an amazing and authentic piece of artwork that is more than the original. Each Toccare’™ print presents a distinct, vibrant, tactile surface quality that invites the viewer in to touch is surface.

Toccare’™ is printed via traditional printing methods incorporating cured vinyl polymers and U.V. stable pigmented inks ensuring their longevity and archiveability. Each print is hand signed and numbered. All Toccare’™ prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • RARE TOCCARE PRINT ON METAL - only 2 remaining

    44" x 44"

    Edition Size: 45

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