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An Online Sanctuary
In light of recent events, Pamela created this page as an online sanctuary for these challenging times. We wish for you to feel held and returned to a state of deep trust, peace and inner well-being as you take a moment to view selected art pieces, view videos, and read stories of inspiration. We will be changing and adding images each day as an offering to you so please visit often...

New! Visual Contemplation Videos

These videos are created for you during this time to help calm and system

and nourish the senses and calm our systems during this challenging time. 

"CHRYSALIS" - 2 Minute Visual Contemplation for Challenging Times

May we embrace this challenging time to its fullest and be like the silkworm weaving its own cocoon allowing its old/outlived form and ways to die to make room for waves of transformation to take it into new possibilities and freedom, our given birthright. See full painting here.

"A New Dawn" Painting - 3 Minute Visual Contemplation

A timely reminder that more than ever we must hold steadfast to the light in the midst of darkness (see full painting here)

10-minute Visual Contemplation to inspire and soothe the senses.

Selected works and stories for challenging times.

A New Dawn

Sometimes it is set across this very backdrop of darkness and turmoil that we are pushed to dig deeper, look more closely and listen more attentively to find the inner light of truth and freedom that always exists within us beneath the surface - beyond the appearance of all things. This very light and life is just waiting to be remembered and experienced in the fullness of its glory.

Please use navigation buttons and arrows above to scroll through images and stories.

We will be adding more videos over the next days and weeks so please visit again soon...

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