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"As an artist, it is my wish to celebrate our inner and outer worlds and our shared humanity."

-Pamela Sukhum

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Pamela Sukhum's paintings are characterized by rich colors, textures, and warm radiant

energy. Her use of broad sweeping lines and intricate details give her work and depth and dimension truly unique in the art world.


Formerly a researcher in Cardiovascular Health and Electrophysiology, Pamela left the biomedical field in 2003 to pursue her true passion: Painting. With barely enough money in hand for the first month’s rent, she moved into her downtown Minneapolis studio space to begin her new journey. Twenty years later, Pamela works from her studios in Colorado, Hawaii, and Minnesota. Her paintings, created with custom paint formulas informed by her chemistry background, are featured in prominent fine art galleries in North America, Canada, and Dubai, both reigniting the fire of seasoned art connoisseurs, and sparking a new generation of fine art collectors. Amongst other honors, she was awarded the prestigious Director’s Choice Award at Art Expo New York and was recently featured in an Emmy-nominated PBS special.


Pamela’s corporate collections include Ernst and Young, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Deloitte, and Clifford Chance Worldwide – Dubai. Pamela has added memorable painting performances to her repertoire including a recent painting performance to celebrate the Minnesota Governor’s Mansion 100th Anniversary.


A life-long explorer and lover of nature, Pamela's art is fueled by nature and the spiritual and human connections forged during her journeys around the world, from the monasteries of Tibet, treks in the rugged mountains of Bhutan, the surf of Kauai, to the refugee camps of Africa. Pamela’s work conveys a generosity of spirit and sense of indescribable joy, helping viewers connect with the natural world, and our shared humanity, through her art. Elements of realism and the abstract in Pamela’s work tell a story of our world’s inner and outer beauty, including botanical, natural and mystical themes.


Since 2006, she has donated proceeds from all her artwork sales to empower communities worldwide through art, using her nonprofit charity, The Beautiful Project. The Beautiful Project has worked closely with communities in 8 countries across the world and over 20 cities in the United States – helping people use art as a healing and transformative force in their lives.

Noteworthy Commentaries

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Anne Veh

The Daily Good, Modern Art Council of SFMOMA

Pamela Sukhum's warmth and openheartedness invites us all to find the artist within and to experience life and all its infinite possibilities on a path for beauty and truth

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Michael Schwarz

Art Curator and Professor, Integral Life International

Sukhum’s artworks are like waking dreams disclosing the never before having been seen.

Songs of a knowing silence, visual lyrics of shining care.


Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 10.03.08 AM.png

Wendy DePaolis

Curator Art and Sculpture, Reedy Gallery, University of Minnnesota Arboretum

My mission at the Arboretum, to connect visitors more deeply to nature through art, is epitomized through Sukhum's work. Her canvases pull in the viewer, allowing them to become immersed and connected to nature in a wholly unique way.

Learn about Pamela's inspiration in this PBS Special

Inside the Studio 2022
 an in depth interview with Pamela  

Process video  
watch a painting come to life

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