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- Original Painting on Wood - 

The Way Of It

Detail Shots


40" x 44"  /  Oil on Canvas

New! Print on Wood Available Here

“THE WAY OF IT”.... a little history...

One day on an errand with my husband, I found myself rummaging through a lumber yard when I came across a stunning piece of birch panel. I brought it home with no idea what I would do with it. After staring at the beautiful grains and knotholes for days, I picked up my 20-hair brush and began with one tiny brushstroke. I would find my hand following the gorgeous grains and lines of the wood, sometimes going with the grain, sometimes veering off it it, only to rejoin again. I had no idea what or if an actual image would appear as for days it just appeared as seemingly random undulating lines on the panel. Then, finally, I saw with one stroke the outline of a fish appear and then another and another, then mountain rivers flowing and bamboo reeds, then water and forest nymphs...the goddesses of all the elements. It was as if a secret universe, hiding in plain sight was revealing itself...what a joy to partake!

As watched this all unfold before me in astonishment, I thought of how much this painting was a calling to me to trust the creative and natural flow of life. Sometimes we seem to go with the grain, sometimes we veer off for known or unknown reasons, only to rejoin at again.

It is a reminder of how we can surrender to that mysterious and beautiful flowing stream that is our life….ever present to the way of it… 

To discover more of the wondrous details of this piece, visit us here. There are now unique prints of this piece on wood available HERE.

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