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Welcome to our


Offering Windows into New Worlds

About our New Virtual Museum

Though we were told countless times it would not work, we set out to bring the art museum experience directly to you.

With a shared passion for creativity, beauty, and innovation, we experimented for months to finally bring forth something truly revolutionary in the art world. We are now delighted to present you Pamela's ground-breaking new interactive

Virtual Museum for you to explore her artwork in 3D. Never before has a space like this been created! 

As you journey through this one-of-a-kind space and explore Pamela's art we hope you feel yourself

transported into a new world of experience...

Some helpful hints before viewing...

Works only with desktop and laptop computers, not mobile devices.  

Works only with Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome Browsers

(Edge is optimal)

Site may take 2-5 minutes to load

(but so worth the wait!)

Did you know that Pamela was formerly a research scientist in the field of e

Did you know that Pamela was formerly a research scientist in the field of e

Keyboard Navigation Instructions


Safari or Explorer Browsers do not work for the Virtual Museum.

You will need to use Edge, Firefox, or Chrome Browsers.

Using a mouse is much easier than trackpad for navigating.

If you have trouble navigating you can also try using your arrow keys on your keyboard to turn around.

 If you receive a blocker message when you try to go very close to a painting, please follow instructions below.

You will only need to do this once for your session.

Still Having Problems?

No can always sign up for a complimentary guided tour

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