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- Original Painting on Canvas - 


Detail Shots


12" x 12"  /  Oil on Canvas

We were swimming in Kauai and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by sea turtles.  Magnificent is too light a word to describe these amazing creatures.  To be swimming alongside them underwater in their natural habitat was such a surprise gift. 


In the Hawaiian language, sea turtles are called, “Honu”.  To some, they have also symbolized a navigator that is able to find its way home again and again. Honu have also been revered as an Amakua (guardian spirits).


Most species of sea turtle are endangered and we were mindful of this as we swam next to these graceful creatures. Humans have had a lot to do with the devastation of their populations and hopefully, humans will also be largely responsible for their repopulation and growth.  


It is hard to describe in words what it was like to be with these graceful, peaceful creatures and it would be a tragedy to think that they have become endangered as a species (it is thought that 150-200 species of plants and animals go extinct each day, which, some biologists say, is 1,000 more than the “natural” or “background” rate).


To do my part, I would like to donate a large proportion of the sale of this piece to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. 

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