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Do One Thing.

Do One Thing.

For the past two weeks the wonderful team of One Voice and I were able to spend time at Pipka Refugee Camp in Lesvos, Greece with people from Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq who had risked (and sometimes lost) their lives floating in small rafts over the ocean seeking asylum and refuge after having lost all their possessions, homes, loved ones, and countries to war. They have experienced so much devastation and the future is so unknown for all of them. I often feel such futility and hopelessness in the face of so much suffering with no ability to end or alleviate others' pain.

What can I possibly do to help?

I can do one thing. It may not work or have the impact I hope for, but still I have to try. Here in Lesvos, my one thing was to create a community mural in the camp with residents there. Each day we came together and brushstroke by brushstroke we forged friendships, shared life experiences, and created something beautiful together. This mural is dedicated to all of our new friends at Pikpa Refugee Camp and all of our brothers and sisters in the world who have find them in situations that seem so hopeless and desolate. It is, I hope, a reminder that in the face of hopelessness, we can always do one just one thing to create beauty in the world together.

I have to remind myself, just do one thing. And then the next one thing….

If you’d like to join me in doing the next one thing, please visit:

Photos: Pippa Samaya

Video: Kuna Malik Hamad

A heartfelt thank you to Robbie Schaefer and my mentor, Lily Yeh,of Barefoot Artists for her continued inspiration and work.

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