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The Lahaina, Maui fires of August 2023 and how you can help....(UPDATES)

Last night, a thoughtful and kind collector sent me these images (taken just a couple weeks ago) of my collection of art at Sargents Fine Art. Today, they and 50 more of my pieces are gone along with the gallery and the entire town of Lahaina on Maui -- lost to the devastating fires that have swept through the island powered by 80mph winds generated by hurricane Dora.

I feel at a loss for years of my heart and work vanishing without warning...but I also know how very lucky I am to still have a home and our very lives.

Because of how quickly and unexpectedly the fires swept through, many of our close friends have lost their homes and businesses in an instant having escaped only with the clothes on their backs. We have now learned of the loss of at least two people we have come to know and love. Our hearts break open for the beautiful community of Lahaina and its people knowing that the ripple effects of this catastrophe will have impacts for years to come.

Some of those most impacted are the Native Hawaiians who were already struggling to stay on the islands due to the high costs. The fires could be the tipping point for many people without considerable support to rebuild their lives.

In a fundraising effort I am offering all prints and originals on my site now at 25% off (please use code MAUISTRONG). A percentage of your purchase will go directly to local Maui families and organizations on the ground.

CLICK HERE for my prints page to shop prints and support.

CLICK HERE for my prints page to shop original paintings and support.


Thank you so much for your purchase of my art to help support so many in the wake of the Maui Fires.

Thanks to you, we have been able to make contributions to the following non-profit organizations this week that we’ve confirmed have been directly involved with operations on the ground right now in Maui.

  • Women Helping Women Maui

  • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

  • Maui Humane Society

In addition, we’ve been donating to several families on Maui that we personally know or we as a team have researched via GoFundMe and Venmo that are in immediate need.

We will also add the Maui Food Bank to our list this week as orders come in through our fundraiser.


DONATE TO GIVE (Tax Deductible)

Mahalo nui loa,

Pamela and The Team at Infinite Vision Art


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