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✨Welcoming a New Year

"Rooted in The Heart" - new oil on canvas by Pamela Sukhum

As we welcome the New Year, many of us feel a deep stirring brought about by world events that have sent shockwaves out through our minds and hearts. Many ask, "What is our purpose and meaning in all of this?", and how one can reconcile all that is unfolding?

Indeed it is not the time to turn away from the world but to turn towards it. Deeply rooted in the heart, may we allow all that we behold to transmute and change us in the great alchemical dance of Life. May each of us be transformed into the emanation of Peace we wish to see in the world.

Wishing you Equanimity and Joy in the New Year✨🕊️✨


In celebration of the new year, I am offering this beautiful new print with special gold enhancements at 20% off (use code PEACE2024 at checkout).

detail shot showing gold enhancements on this special new print


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