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What a difference 8 years can make...(actually now 11 years!...update May 20, 2021)


What a difference 8 years can make...

As part of The Beautiful Project, Ben and I have sponsored the education of three children from Rakai, Uganda. We are so delighted that after 8 years of sponsorship, Paul will now be starting University this August to become a teacher and leader for his community. It is amazing to witness the resiliency, hard work, and devotion of these children to keep moving forward in the most adverse of circumstances and to pull themselves and their families and communities out of the devastating grips of extreme and often life-threatening poverty. After eight years of many letters back and forth, we were finally able to meet them for the first time in person this week. What joy! Here is a picture with Beatrice (age 12), Faith (age 16), and Paul (age 18) meeting for the first time and a picture at Paul’s home in rural Uganda with his mother presenting us with a beautiful rug she wove for us. With patience, love, support, and devotion dreams can become manifest in the world. However small or large we can all make a difference in a world. Paul, Beatrice, and Faith remind us of this all the time.

UPDATE — May 20, 2021

We are delighted to share that all three children have been not only safe during the COVID pandemic but also have been able to continue their education from home with a little extra support. After 11 years of sponsorship, Paul will complete his University education this year to become a teacher and wonderful leader to his own community. Faith and Beatrice continue to do well in their studies and we continue to root them on towards University as well!

If you would like to learn more about The Beautiful Project, please visit here:

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring the educational needs of children in Rakai, Uganda through the tireless work of Richard Mutaawe and Rakai Orphans Development Initiative, please contact us at:

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