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Beautiful words from a beautiful collector

I feel blessed to come to connect so deeply with collectors and individuals through art. A heartfelt thank you to the beautiful Holly MacCormick for sending this wonderful photo and letter upon first receiving her new "Koi" painting to share with all of you.

From Holly:

"At first, I thought purchasing the painting would be spoiling myself with something I thought was beautiful. Then I thought, what if I was not purchasing a painting, but donating money that could help a lot of people (proceeds benefited Koi would then be my tangible reminder of the beauty that came from doing a good thing for others, and a reminder to look for those opportunities in the future.

Similarly, when you first look at Koi you see a fish out of water. This is unquestionably bad. A fish without water is a fish in peril, a fish that will soon die if it isn't somehow suddenly saved. But what if all is not as it seems? What if this fish can do more, do better, than just survive without water? What if, by leaping beyond the confines of water, it can become something more alive, more beautiful than you ever could have imagined? Free from having to stay in the realm of water, Koi can thread through air, clouds, water, through anything.

To me, Koi is about realizing things aren’t always as they seem. It’s about looking for positive opportunities and keeping your heart light and open when all hope seems lost. It’s trusting that you can move past what seems like an uncrossable barrier (water to air) and that you can not only survive the trip, it may turn out better than you could have ever imagined. “ - Holly MacCormick

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