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Sara Snyder - Minneapolis, MN

“I have known Pamela for almost two decades. I have watched her grow and make her dreams come true. Over time people tend to change and so do their ideas of how to live their life. But she has stood strong and moved through life doing what she felt was right for herself and her art. She is a magnificent role model for the art community and all those around her. She has always held true to her heart. She gives her time and donates to those that are less fortunate. She lives life true to herself. I admire her greatly. My life has its ups and downs as we all have endured. Pamela has been by my side and has been an inspiration to me. I can remain grounded. I may take steps in the wrong direction, but they always come back around with both feet planted firmly. This is why after all this time I am drawn to this piece. I always come back to these colors, the brush strokes and specifically how the process of how she creates it. The layers, the removal of paint to see what’s bright and lovely underneath, the time in between to let it be but to always come back to add the beautiful details which are so delicately added with intent. For me, the making of The Dance is special. It’s a messy start but in the end it’s the most real, raw, organic piece of art and it touches me deeply. I am proud to have had her come into my life. I am proud to have her spirit now and forever in my home.” - Sarah Snyder

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