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New Quietude Series

This beauty of a flower (and its brothers and sisters) continued to find its way to my doorstep all this summer. Whether through gifts from a friend, or popping up at our local farmers market, or the neighbor inviting me over to her garden to bring one home, this little gem found its way into my heart. It reminded me of the sense of the impossible beauty to be found in smallest and often quietest of things - something instilled in me by my mother from the time I can remember. It reminded me how in the midst of so much uncertainty and loss, the potential for flowering and new life remain interwoven with it all all... calling us back to the quiet, steadfast beauty we carry in our hearts throughout the days. This deep stirring in my heart over the months and honoring of my mother gave way to this beautiful new series. I hope you enjoy.

The Plentitude of Quietude

This piece celebrates the plentitude and fullness of life we can experience in moments of silence and stillness. It is a reminder that this place of unchanging resplendent peace is always available to us just beyond the surface of comings and goings in our lives… like that sense of tranquil joy and wonder as we witness the golden warmth of the sun rising and setting each day.



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