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MANY HANDS, ONE HEART The Beautiful Project: Uganda 2018

WATCH OUR MURAL COME TO LIFE HERE! It has been such a joy to work with 60 students at Kassanda Secondary School in Uganda to create a mural on their 40,000 liter water tank. Day after day we worked side-by-side to create a work of beauty and inspiration for their school and community. Through the common bond of art making we quickly come to know one another and ourselves so intimately. We learn about lives and share in the challenges, the blood sweat and tears AND the joy, laughter, and triumphs together. Discoveries are made and hidden worlds and treasures are revealed as transformative power of art making changes us and opens our hearts and minds. We have witnessed again and again in these

What a difference 8 years can make...

What a difference 8 years can make... As part of The Beautiful Project, Ben and I have sponsored the education of three children from Rakai, Uganda. We are so delighted that after 8 years of sponsorship, Paul will now be starting University this August to become a teacher and leader for his community. It is amazing to witness the resiliency, hard work, and devotion of these children to keep moving forward in the most adverse of circumstances and to pull themselves and their families and communities out of the devastating grips of extreme and often life-threatening poverty. After eight years of many letters back and forth, we were finally able to meet them for the first time in person this we

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