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Sara Snyder - Minneapolis, MN

“I have known Pamela for almost two decades. I have watched her grow and make her dreams come true. Over time people tend to change and so do their ideas of how to live their life. But she has stood strong and moved through life doing what she felt was right for herself and her art. She is a magnificent role model for the art community and all those around her. She has always held true to her heart. She gives her time and donates to those that are less fortunate. She lives life true to herself. I admire her greatly. My life has its ups and downs as we all have endured. Pamela has been by my side and has been an inspiration to me. I can remain grounded. I may take steps in the wrong directi

Amy Huang - Chicago, IL

“For me, Pamela's work carries an energy that's hard to forget. When I first saw her work, I couldn't help but to be drawn to it. The first painting that I had seen of hers made me think of fire and a strong passion. I would return to the same gallery to look at it and at that time, I decided that I would some day buy one of her works. Years passed before I rediscovered her work and finally purchased my very first piece! The Feral piece struck a chord with me when I was going through her collection. To me, it looked like light breaking through darkness. It's something I really enjoy looking at during days I'm not feeling my best.” - Amy Huang

The Song Family - Los Altos, CA

"ALL MY RELATIONS is a personal piece that celebrates the uniqueness of each family member and how we fit together both within the family and in our community. My kids love looking for their hands and the symbols that are hidden in the piece." - Marissa Song

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